212 Shaw Street
Toronto ON
Canada M6J 2W8

Since 1991, Stéphane Chamard’s Paris-based business, stephane CHAMARD agency, has managed dozens of large residential projects for clients in France, England and Portugal, handling everything from demolition to architecture, interior design and decoration.

The commercial side of the agency has created boutiques, galleries and launch events for clients such as Ralph Lauren, Safari perfume, and JM Maniatis.

The resulting homes, galleries and boutiques have appeared in a number of publications, among them Canada’s House & Home, Elle decor, Wallpaper, Marie Claire maison, and Cote maison, as well as in the books City Style by Piet Swimberghe, and Studio Apartments by James Trulove.

Now based in Toronto, Canada, Stéphane continues to work  for clients in Europe while adding Canadian homes to his internationally-known collection of well-designed residences.